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Line marking services

Roads, schools, factories, warehouses, car parks

Road Works & Painting

Deeline line marking Melbourne specialises in all aspects of road painting. All of our work is conducted in accordance to today’s requirements and of high quality as well as being performed under a safe and controlled conditions.

We use Deluxe Long life chlorinated rubber and offer a wide range of line marking services which include: Disabled Car Park Symbols, Arrows, Pedestrian / School crossings, Bicycle symbols, Safety lines, Speed humps, Stop / Give Way lines, Line Removals and Raised Reflective & Non-reflective Pavement Markers etc.

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Car Parks & Parking Bays

Ensuring your car parking bays and direction arrows and markings well labelled and are easy to see is vital. With years of experience in the industry, Deeline Line Marking will ensure your car park lines are clean, straight, laid out accurately and done to the highest standard.

We also have a large range of stencils allowing us to mark car parking bays for specific uses including: Disabled Symbols, Direction Arrows, Pedestrian Crossings, Speed Humps, Numbering & Lettering and Kerbing.

Click here to view some of the line marking projects we have done to see the type of work we do.

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School & Playground Line Marking

Unlike car parks line marking for Schools and Playgrounds require a different skill set and for that reason it is essential that whoever you hire knows exactly what they are doing! With our years of experience with School & Playground markings and dedication to detail ensures that we will not only prepare the area correctly but will deliver a professional result.

Types of school and playground markings services we offer include: Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Volleyball and Rounders courts, Hopscotch, Snakes & Ladders and Snails etc.

Click here to view some of the line marking projects we have done to see the type of work we do.

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Line Marking for Warehouses & Factories

Deeline Linemarking has been helping clients ensure their factories and or warehouse safety floor markings and layouts meet Worksafe / OH&S standards. Our years of experience allow us to work with the client and provide valuable input pertaining to safe layouts for both Vehicles & Pedestrians.

This includes: Safety Walkways, Fire Fighting zones and Exclusion Lines, Pedestrian & Forklift Symbols, Numbering & Lettering and Pedestrian crossings.

Whether you own a small or large business, Deeline Line Marking Melbourne is able to perform all your factory or warehouse markings at a time that suits you and at a price you can afford.

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Line Removal

If you require lines to be removed, then we offer you the following solutions:

  • Blacked Out by Paint
  • Machine Grinding
  • Or if need be then Sandblasting can be arranged

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what we do
  • Road Maintenance
  • Stop / Give Way Lines
  • Bicycle Symbols
  • Pedestrian / School Crossings
  • Speed Humps / Safety Lines
  • Reflective & Non Reflective Markers
  • Numbering & Lettering
  • Parking Bays
  • Disabled Parking Symbols
  • Factory Line Marking
  • Line Removal

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Line marking & road painting services Melbourne

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